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Wedding Content Roundup: Everything You Need To Know For Your Grand Historic Venue Wedding

This month, we're rounding up all of our best wedding advice, tips, checklists, and inspiration! Browse everything wedding at Piccadilly Place as you sit by the pool or ride shotgun with your fiancé on a road trip.

01. Trend watch

How are the predictions we made in February holding up?

Themed Parties: Though it was a little before the new year, one of our favorite weddings, Til' Death Do Us Part, really stood out as a classy play on a darkly romantic theme.

Big Florals: In June, as the weather got hotter, the florals got bigger! Here, our ballroom was decked out with innumerable white roses for a romantic wedding and reception dinner.

Photo: Wedding featured on our Facebook & Instagram

Eco-Friendly Details: Pampas grass and reusable lanterns really came together for a wedding in March 2020 that the planner called, 'Classic Elegance '.

Bride lounging extravagantly in historic venue claw foot bathtub surrounded by flowers

Photo: Steven Henson Photography

So now you have an idea of the colors that you want, and maybe a theme for your big day. What's next?

02. Questions To Ask During Your Venue Tour

When considering a venue for your Northern Virginia wedding, there are a lot of checklists and Pinterest boards, and to-do's - but here are 36 helpful questions to ask your wedding venue during the tour.

Wedding planning with planner for themed wedding at a historic mansion in Virginia

03. Weddings at Piccadilly Place FAQs

Speaking of questions, get answers to some of the frequently asked questions about hosting your wedding event at Piccadilly Place. This is a great place to start when you're on a fact-finding mission. Of course, if you have specific questions for us or if you'd like to schedule a tour of your own, please reach out.

Bridal party raises glasses of champagne for a toast at private bar in historic venue

04. Pre-Wedding Events

There's no hard and fast rule about how many events are appropriate for any given celebration, after all, this is a celebration tailor-made to you as a couple. However, we're seeing an uptick in the popularity of these pre-wedding events.

Read on to find out how to navigate each of these pre-wedding celebrations, what they are, and who should be on the guest list: Engagement Party - Bridal Shower - Bachelor Party - Bachelorette - Bridesmaid Luncheon - Welcome Party - Rehearsal Dinner

Private events at glamorous northern Virginia historic mansion. Perfect Wedding welcome party and Rehearsal Dinner

Photo: Rehearsal Dinner featured on our Facebook & Instagram

After a full schedule of events, what's sweeter than the icing on the cake? The details that make your guests feel loved and appreciated for coming to celebrate you!

05. Wedding Favor Ideas

From the largest impact to the smallest detail, you want your guests to remember the celebration of your love... but can we get real for a second? There are just some things that are worth doing right or not at all.

We've compiled 62 unique wedding favor ideas for any style and budget that your guests will actually appreciate receiving.

Every wedding is different because it takes inspiration from the couple and from their story. Your event coordinator will be your guide in planning the celebration that perfectly fits your love story. We'd love to host your dream wedding - Book a tour of Piccadilly Place!

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