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4 Ways To Throw A Great Christmas Party : Classic And Unique Holiday Party Theme Ideas

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

When it comes to celebrations, we've seen quite a few over the years! You may be surprised to learn that it's not just weddings and birthday parties at Piccadilly Place. When we decorate for Christmas every year after Thanksgiving, it's time for the holiday celebrations (we've written about company holiday parties before)! But, how to throw a great Christmas party for friends and family is an art - starting with coming up with your ideas for Christmas party themes.

Here are four different ways to throw a great Christmas party - complete with unique theme ideas, food, music, what to wear, and what to bring. Cheers!

PS: Look for the links to Spotify playlists for each theme. Use our Sonos sound system and house iPhone to play your music in every room during your event.

How To Throw A Haunted Christmas Party

Host a haunted holiday party to make all your #DarkAcademia dreams come true. Think: Nightmare Before Christmas, Dickens' ghostly A Christmas Carrol, and the snow-swept story of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. There are even Christmas Murder Mystery Party games that contain the entire party in a box.

Photos: The Winchester Star, Pinterest, Piccadilly Place, IMDB

Music and Decor for this Christmas Party

Add some macabre drama by tucking black velvet ribbons and lace swags into our holiday mantle decorations and several LED pillar candles in the fireplaces. Drape the lamps with scarves and black lace and create a mysterious library vibe with shelves of old books in our ballroom. You can also find plenty of Nightmare Before Christmas decor items through a quick online search.

Now that you've set the scene, add to the ambiance with some moody holiday instrumentals. Try this Spotify Playlist: Dark academia CHRISTMAS.

Food Ideas for this Christmas Party

Ask your caterer to serve seasonal comfort food like pumpkin tarts and stuffed mushroom caps. A well-appointed charcuterie platter will be the delight of the gathering.

What to Wear to this Christmas Party

A Dark Academia holiday party is the perfect theme for a 'fancy dress' or costume party. Ask your guests to arrive in all black cocktail attire or historically themed costumes.

What to bring to this Christmas Party

Guests can bring a short story or poem to share by candlelight, or can bring a box of holiday stationary to write Christmas cards for loved ones or charity.

How To Throw A Y2K Christmas Party

Bring out the ultimate nostalgia (and festive body glitter) with a 1990s and 2000s themed holiday bash!

Photos: IMDB, ebay, Piccadilly Place

Music and Decor for this Christmas Party

Time for some deep cuts in both the music and decor. Try this Spotify Playlist: 90s/00s Pop Christmas.

Decorate with old Christmas posters, as Bustle suggested in this article, and screen a throwback Christmas movie on our flatscreen TVs throughout the house. Add a few blow-up chairs in the parlor and hand out red and green feather boas to your guests as they arrive.

Food Ideas for this Christmas Party

Keeping with the theme of the night, ask your caterer to make renditions of a nostalgic favorite like pizza rolls. Pictured above is a succulent spread by Six Star Events at a recent birthday party.

What to Wear to this Christmas Party

This is not your traditional holiday party, so let your wardrobe be fun! From retro 'cocktail-attire' to a Santa suit to ugly Christmas sweaters - anything goes.

What to bring to this Christmas Party

Tell your guests to bring their singing voices and set up karaoke in the ballroom.

How To Throw A Classic Christmas Party

Welcome family and friends into a Christmas wonderland. This holiday party theme works for any size guest list and is perfect for a Christmastime family reunion or cookie exchange.

Photos: Piccadilly Place

Music and Decor for this Christmas Party

Set the tone for conversation with soft piano renditions of classic Christmas songs.

Try this Spotify Playlist: Christmas Peaceful Piano.

As for decoration, our classic decorations from Kimberly's are perfect for a traditional holiday party and you won't have to add a thing. If you’re starting from scratch, layer ribbons and ornaments into your Christmas tree - the more the merrier! Use plaid table cloths or runners on your surfaces and provide plenty of cozy blankets for outdoor seating areas, like the rocking chairs on our porch.

Food Ideas for this Christmas Party

You can't go wrong with seasonal hors d'oeuvres with sprigs of rosemary - a specialty of R Roots Catering. Heavy appetizers will do well for most gatherings, plus they look quite festive spread out on the table. If your caterer is serving a turkey dinner for a crowd, they'll have everything they need to warm or cook on-site with our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.

What to Wear to this Christmas Party

For daytime parties, 'smart casual' sweaters and wraps worn with slacks or jeans are just perfect - especially if everyone ends up sitting with the children opening presents on the floor.

For an elevated or evening party, consider 'semi-formal' or 'cocktail' attire.

What to bring to this Christmas Party

A classic Christmas party is perfect for a cookie exchange or a white elephant gift exchange. Just be sure that you include the exchange information in your invitation!

How To Throw A Glam Christmas Party

This holiday party theme is perfect for larger guest lists (we can host up to 150 people). This is for hosts that want to amp up the celebration! Plus, the 'glam' theme is flexible enough to plan around busy holiday schedules - hello New Year's Party.

Photos: Summit Events, Piccadilly Place, Pinterst

Music and Decor for this Christmas Party

We recommend hiring a DJ & event rental company to check off your music and decor all at once. Summit Events provides digital photobooths and backdrops perfect for the glamorous occasion, indoor spark machines, and professional DJs that know how to put on a celebration.

Food Ideas for this Christmas Party

A night of dancing calls for crowd-pleasing party food! Jordan Springs Market Catering makes their famous BBQ as elegant sliders that your guests will love.

What to Wear to this Christmas Party

Show off your 'semi-formal' or 'formal' wear at this shindig. After all, this is a party!

What to bring to this Christmas Party

Ask your guests to bring their favorite cocktail ingredients and the drink recipe written on a holiday card. You can display the cards on the bar with extra cards and pens for your guests to use while your bartender mixes the drinks.


If you got this far and are still wondering where to host a holiday party, we'd love to host you at Piccadilly Place. Check availability for your holiday party.

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