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Real Weddings : Festive Elegance in October

Extraordinary - Timeless - Memorable

Kat and Daniel said "'Til death do us part" on October 30th, 2021 at Piccadilly Place

"The event being on the day before Halloween, just opened the door to so many possibilities... [We] custom designed all florals using soft ivories against dramatic touches of color, soft elegant lighting was used and a touch of the season by incorporating a unique design with white pumpkins and a few Halloween decorations"

"Joy & Celebration In A Beautiful Setting"

"Delicious homemade Dinner of Smoked Meats and Homemade Sides." An elegant twist on homemade BBQ by Jordan Springs Market.

The Halloween Occasion allowed for a more festive approach to a wedding. The architecture of the venue complimented the decor so very well for such an occasion.
Jimmy Lee (the DJ) provided the perfect atmosphere of fun, emotion and class through his music selections.

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