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5 Tips For A Stunning Summer Wedding

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Planning a summer wedding or up-scale event? You're in the right place.

Whether you are finalizing the details of your late summer wedding or planning for summer 2023, we have five tried and true tips for the most thoughtful summer celebration.

Read on for what to add to your summer wedding checklist.

Bride and groom sit on. the porch of a historic mansion in Virginia'a wine country. The bride has her bare feet up on the grooms knee.

Photo: Franzi Lee Photography

1. Choose Perishables With Care

Whatever you choose for your menu - talk with your caterer about the tools and amenities to keep the food at the perfect serving temperature. Make sure that they are familiar with what is available in the kitchen at your venue.

Six Star Events platter of finger food served on a silver platter on a bright, hot, summer day.

From there, your caterer will be able to design beautiful and seasonal fare for your special day.

At Piccadilly Place, we have the largest commercial kitchen in Winchester with three refrigerators and two warming ovens, in addition to prep counters and two full cooktops with ovens.

Likewise, the summer heat should be considered when selecting your floral designs.

For example, choose dahlias, calla lilies, roses, sunflowers, and succulents over tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth. The bottom line is: trust your florist to steer you in the right direction for the weather and availability of your blooms.

Photo: Franzi Lee Photography

2. Water, Water, Everywhere

Our Event Planner's signature advice is to always have plenty of water on hand. She says, "There is often such a focus on the celebration and celebratory drinks, and sometimes water is underrated".

A mini bottle of spirits with a tag sits on a white table cloth as part of a wedding table setting. The tag says "Take a shot we tied the knot!"

Real Weddings: Shawna & Eric - Photo by Steven Henson Photography

This is how she makes sure that everyone (including the flowers) is hydrated and happy:

We often plan small water bottles in galvanized tubs for the ceremony, or a greeting bar with fruit infused water. Sometimes, it’s an addition to the catering ticket with water goblets on the tables and poured beverage service, and other times it’s additional water bottles available at the bar.
Lastly, I often request gallon jugs of water to use for pouring if needed to fill mason jars or cylinders with water for centerpieces or floating candles.

- Michelle, Michelle's Main Event

3. Outside In & Inside-Out

When it's just too hot for a real garden party, take it indoors!

A movable wall of faux green boxwood holds glasses of champagne and a seating chart for wedding guests to find their seat at the reception.

Here, this floral wall from The Ivy Chest greets guests as they enter the building at Shawna & Eric's Wedding.

Touches of English garden or tropical paradise in your floral-scape give balmy summer vibes without the sweat.

Alternatively, this mobile bar from Bubbles & Brews (below) provides cool refreshments to those celebrating outdoors.

Add a mobile A/C unit to an outdoor tent and you've successfully brought the indoors out!

AirPac Inc. provides discreet but effective cooling and heating solutions for special events.

A woman in a ruffled black cocktail dress serves herself a glass of bubbly from a vintage mobile bar on the patio of a historic mansion wedding venue.

Mobile bar from Bubbles & Brews - Photo: Franzi Lee Photography

4. Beat The Heat With Favors

Keep your guests comfortable with thoughtful favors to keep them cool.

Wooden fan, splayed out on a purple leafy background.

The Knot Shop

See Piccadilly Place on The Knot

Set out bandanas in your color scheme, sunglasses, drink koozies, or fans for guests to take and keep as mementos. Check out 60+ more favor ideas on a previous post.

However, don't forget the guests of honor! Blotting paper, Gatorade, and extra deodorant are all good items to have on hand or in the dressing rooms.

5. Look Out For Your Vendors

The vendors on-site keep the show running so help them provide their best service by keeping them comfortable.

Two party guests in the foreground dancing happily while a DJ stands behind a booth in the back right corner and a guest sits at a table looking on.

Photos: Cory Hammonsat Altamira Film Co.

A good tip for any time of year is to have ice water and food available for the vendors staffing the event.


Every wedding celebration is different because it takes inspiration from the couple and from their story. Your event coordinator will be your guide in planning the celebration that perfectly fits your love story.


Are you still deciding on your venue? Book a tour of Piccadilly Place! Please call for specific availability.

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