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5 Cheerful Wedding Trends For 2022 To Best Customize Your Celebration

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Congratulations! You're planning your wedding - or anni-ception, or sequel wedding!

We've put together the 5 cheerful wedding trends that we're most excited to see during our 2022/2023 wedding season.

Are you still deciding on your venue? Book a tour of Piccadilly Place! (We only have a handful of Summer & Fall 2022 weekends still available)

TL/DR, jump to each trend:

Themed Parties - Big Florals - Notice-Me Color - Eco-Friendly Details - Personalization


1. Themed Parties

Styled by Sue Gallo, Photography by Ally Kristensen via Chic Vintage Brides

It's all about joy, celebration, and having fun with themes in the 2022/2023 wedding season!

Whether your entire soirée is themed, or it's one of several events in your wedding weekend line-up, we're seeing couples add more than a dash of personality to their celebrations.

Wallpaper & Art

Transport your guests to cinematic scenes of old Hollywood drama or Versailles.

Using wallpaper on a movable wall makes a fabulous photo background and style statement piece. You can also run a roll down the center of your banquet tables for the base of a theme-setting tablescape.

Bringing in easels with dramatic or sentimental art is another way to customize your venue space.

“The entire room becomes part of the experience. Clients are thinking about custom ways to fill (or add to) empty spaces, creating complex signature graphic or artistic branding into their details."
Mindy Weiss via Vouge

Something Vintage out of Maryland

Vintage Furniture & Details

Lean into your wedding theme by renting vintage furniture, accessories, or china to set the scene.

At Piccadilly Place, the main floor is lightly furnished with a white leather chesterfield, a pair of antique chairs, and a wifi player piano. It doesn't take much to get the perfect look when you add your own decor to the space.

Jen Harvey Photography via Pinterest


Or, "reverse-destination" as referred to by Pure Wow. It's a fun result of travel-hungry couples finding ways to bring their destination weddings closer to home - but it makes for brilliant wedding themes even in 2022.

You could go to the Maldives (above) or even somewhere that is pure fantasy...

What can be more excitingly romantic than a Bridgerton inspired wedding? The soft blues, regency style decor, and indoor-outdoor garden party vibes go oh-so-well with what you'll find at Piccadilly Place.

2. Big Florals

Speaking of Bridgerton, Florals are IN in a big way. Vogue points out the trend in hanging florals and floral installations while Pure Wow describes the trend as Bridgerton-meets-cottage core. Either way, the more florals, the merrier, and we cant wait to see our ballroom decked out in unique floral displays for 2022.

Right to left: Forrest and Field Flower Co., Naturescapes photo by Wanderlife Photography, Bluebells photo by Franzi Lee Photography

3. Notice-Me Color

“We all know one of the biggest trends to emerge from the pandemic is dopamine dressing. I’m looking forward to creating ‘dopamine environments.’”
Bryan Rafanelli via Vogue

1. Rainbow bouquet 2. Indoor autumn archway 3. Jewel-toned stationery 4. Dark pink drama 5. Yucatan Inspired 6. Midsummer Night's Dream

Bright Colors vs Earthy Themes

There's something for everyone in this trend! Again, it's all about expressiveness.

Do bright colors make you smile? Go for it - our venue is your blank canvas. Do you feel the love in moody earth tones? Fantastic. you'll be right at home here.

4. Eco-Friendly Details

From renting glassware instead of using plastic (a classy choice) to potted plants - we're seeing eco-friendly details in many shapes and sizes.

Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress sets are gaining in popularity. They're a great choice if you plan on keeping the separates in your closet to wear again!

Photo : Ruffled Blog via Pinterest

Sustainable Tablescapes

You can still have your big floral drama and your eco-friendly wedding.

Design your tablescapes using potted plants and/or fruit for your sustainable table designs.

Luxury florist Hayford & Rhodes predict "re-usable designs on the tables that guests can take home" will be hugely popular in 2022.
"Use air purifying potted plants such as maiden hair ferns, English ivy, peace lilies, orchids and fig trees; also dried foliages and flowers, such as pampas grasses, bunny tails, dried ruscus, poppy and nigella pods."
Via Hitched

5. Personalization

Micro Weddings vs Big Celebrations

Though we're collectively seeing fewer Micro Weddings because of Covid-19 reasons, we are seeing just as many intimately-scaled weddings by personal choice. Couples who choose smaller guest lists often re-allocate their budget to add personal touches to make each guest feel special and add more detail to the ambiance of the experience.

Take a 360 degree tour of Piccadilly Place on The Knot to see how wedding events of 30-150 people will feel comfortable in our venue.

As for the case for big celebrations (we can host up to 150 guests in a cocktail-style reception), we're seeing a desire to get out and party after almost two years of Covid precautions.

At the end of the day, choose what feels right for you.

Extra Special Cakes

This is a sweet way of celebrating the couple and love as unique as they are.

We see an increase in outside-the-[cake]-box style. From cakes that match a perfectly articulated avant-garde wedding theme to cakes that represent a key moment or memory in the couple's history.

This one (right) was from Kat & Daniel's Halloween Eve wedding.

Cake: The Cake Boutique Photo: Franzi Lee Photography


Every wedding celebration is different because it takes inspiration from the couple and from their story. Your event coordinator will be your guide in planning the celebration that perfectly fits your love story.


Are you still deciding on your venue? Book a tour of Piccadilly Place!

We only have a handful of Summer & Fall 2022 weekends still available, so get your name on our calendar!

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